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Benefits? How to join? Exclusive Affiliate?

  • Your benefits!

    Join the Chemp Foods family and embark on a rewarding journey of collaboration. For every cart brought to us through your unique affiliate link or coupon code, we’re offering an enticing 15% split: 5% goes directly to you, the affiliate, while the customer reaps a generous 10% discount. Chemp® is selling across all European countries, you’re all in!

  • How to join?

    How to Register as an Affiliate at Chemp: A Step-by-Step Guide

    1. Visit the Registration Form above ⬆
    2. Fill Out Your Details: Ensure you provide accurate information to avoid any future complications.
    3. Choose a Coupon Code: You can personalize this based on your preference. For example, you might use something like “Tom10” or “Susan10off”. This code will be what your referrals use to get a discount, and it’s also how Chemp tracks your affiliate commissions.
    4. Submit the Form: Once you’ve filled out all necessary information, submit your application.
    5. Wait for Approval: Chemp will review your application. This process might vary in time, depending on various factors.
    6. Account Activation: Upon approval, your affiliate account will be activated.
    7. Log In: You can access your affiliate dashboard using the login credentials you provided during registration.
    8. Stay Updated: Chemp will send you email notifications regarding your application’s status, approvals, and other essential updates.

    By following these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to becoming a Chemp affiliate in no time!

  • Want an exclusive Affiliate Partnership with Chemp®?

    Unlock an elite realm of benefits with Chemp®’s personal affiliate marketing partnership. Here’s your chance to indulge in fitness products worth €200 monthly – and not just from the Chemp® lineup, we’ve got the tab!

    Delve into a plethora of advantages:

    Exclusive individual discounts and earnings on all Chemp Products.
    A coveted spot at the Chemp® booth during Fibo 2024.
    Harness the power of multi-level affiliate marketing.
    Expand your horizons with earnings spanning all European nations, and soon, stretching to the shores of the US and India.

    How to Register for an Exclusive Affiliate Partnership with Chemp: A Quick Guide

    • Choose Your Preferred Contact Method:
      Instagram: Simply send a private message (PM) to Chemp’s official Instagram handle @chempfoods.
      Email: Draft an email and send it to
    • For Instagram Users:
      Go to the Instagram app or website.
      Search for Chemp’s official handle, @chempfoods.
      Click on the ‘Message’ button to send a private message. Clearly state your intent to register for the Exclusive Affiliate Partnership and provide any necessary details.
    • For Email Users:
      Compose an email with a subject like “Exclusive Affiliate Partnership Application”.
      In the body, introduce yourself and specify your interest in the exclusive partnership. Include any relevant experience or reasons for your interest.
      Send the email to
    • Wait for a Reply: After reaching out via Instagram or email, wait for a response from Chemp’s team. They will guide you through any further steps or provide feedback on your application.

    By following these simple steps, you can easily express your interest in becoming an exclusive affiliate partner with Chemp. All the best!

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