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Chemp® Raw 100% Organic 1020g unflavored

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Chemp Raw

100% Hemp Protein Powder 1020g – unflavored

  • 24g Protein
  • 3.5g BCAA
  • 30 servings
  • 1020g
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Keto diet
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Raw 100% Hemp Protein 1020g unflavored

Introducing Chemp Raw, the ultimate, unadulterated, organic Hemp Protein Powder that’s perfect for the health-conscious and fitness enthusiasts alike. This 100% hemp-derived product offers a hefty 24g of pure protein per serving, making it an excellent choice for your daily protein supplementation.

Chemp Raw differentiates itself by using an innovative 4-fold peeling process, which carefully extracts the protein while maintaining the raw, nutrient-rich quality of the hemp seeds. This meticulous process not only retains the natural richness of hemp but also ensures a smooth, palatable texture perfect for blending into smoothies, stirring into oats, or incorporating into your favorite recipes.

Whether you’re an athlete looking for a plant-based protein source, a vegan seeking to diversify your protein intake, or simply someone looking to enrich your diet with high-quality protein, Chemp Raw is your ideal choice.

Every scoop of Chemp Raw promotes health, wellness, and sustainability, embracing the power of nature to fuel your day. Say yes to an all-natural, highly nutritious, and delicious protein solution – say yes to Chemp Raw!

Suggested usage:

1-2 portions per day. Enjoy prior to workouts, after workouts or anytime you desire a high-protein drink. Mixing instructions (1 portion): Add 34 g powder – approx. four scoops (included) to 250 ml (8.45 oz) of water, or a drink of your choice and mix thoroughly.

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