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Chemp® Sport Towel

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Chemp® Sport Towel

  • Material: 100% Pure Cotton
  • Size: 90x40cm
  • Colour: Chemp Signature Green with White Logo
  • Absorbency: High-quality absorbent material for quick drying
  • Design: Sleek and modern
  • Durability: Retains texture and colour after numerous washes
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Chemp® Sport Towel

The Chemp Sport Towel is the epitome of performance combined with style and functionality. Measuring 90x40cm, it’s the perfect companion for all your sports and workout needs. With its Chemp signature green colour and sharply contrasted white Chemp® logo, this towel doesn’t just serve its purpose—it makes a statement.

Made from 100% pure cotton, this towel promises supreme absorbency and softness, ensuring quick drying and comfort for the user. The natural fibres allow the skin to breathe, making it ideal for sensitive skin, and it’s extremely durable, retaining its texture and colour after numerous washes.

The Chemp Sport Towel is designed for high performance. It’s lightweight, making it easily portable and a convenient accessory to carry to the gym, sports events, or any workout session. The exceptional wicking ability means it rapidly absorbs sweat, keeping you dry and comfortable during intense exercise regimes.

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Weight 1,02 kg
Dimensions 164,5 × 164,5 × 205,5 cm

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